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    Advantage Laparoscopy

    • Less Post-Operative Discomfort.
    • Faster Recovery.
    • Smaller, more discrete Scars.
    • Reduced Risk of Complications.

    Wellness Screening

    • Review of medical history.
    • Basic gynaecological examination.
    • Breast examination.
    • Body Mass Index (BMI) analysis.
    • pelvic Ultrasound

    Obstetrics Services

    • Obstetrics specialty focuses on the care of women.
    • Covering all aspects of their labour (childbirth), providing prenatal care and pregnancy support along with post-partum care.
    • detailed assessment of delivery and Postpartum Care.

    Gynaecology Conditions

    • It is geared towards general female healthcare
    • Specialises in dealing not only with laparoscopic intervention
    • uterine or vaginal infections, fertility problems or contraception, tubal ligations, menopausal care and cysts conditions.


    Laparoscopic surgery is the fastest evolving surgical procedure and Sunrays is at the helm of it, especially catering to women’s needs in gynaecology and fertility. Sunrays is the realization of a long felt need for specialized laparoscopic centre in Chennai which is easily accessible to everyone. The fully equipped hospital has on its panel some of the most eminent medical practitioners and surgeons including Dr. A Vanitha, who is at the helm at Sunrays. The hospital is committed to offer the finest and latest of services at the most affordable costs which has resulted in a wider patronage and faster growth.

    What we do best

    Laparoscopic Surgery

    we provide the latest laparoscopic intervention to treat a wide range of health problems.


    To treat abnormal conditions in the body like polyps and fibroids, adhensions, septums and abnormal bleeding.


    We provide counselling,health monitoring, pregnancy care and training for would be mothers.

    Fertility Clinic

    Medical solutions for fertility drugs, key-hole surgery for endometriosis and fibroids and intrauterine insemination.

    IVI Clinic

    The clinic has helped many infertile couples bear children in a smooth and faster manner.

    Cancer Screening Clinic

    we are equipped to screen for a variety of cancer and start the appropriate treatment immediately.







    Laparoscopic surgery also referred to as minimally invasive surgery describes the performance of surgical procedures with the assistance of a video camera and several thin instruments. During the surgical procedure, small incisions of size ½ cm to 1 cm are made and plastic tubes called ports are placed through these incisions. The camera and the instruments are then introduced through the ports which allow access to the inside of the patient.

    The camera transmits an image of the organs inside the abdomen onto a television monitor. The video camera becomes the surgeon’s eyes in laparoscopic surgery, since the surgeon uses the image from the video camera positioned inside the patient’s body to perform the procedures.

    Procedures such as various Gynaecological treatments including Hysterectomy (uterus removal), Myomectomy (Fibroid removal) Ovarian cystectomy (Removal of ovarian cyst)Laparoscopic sterilisation, PCO drilling, fertility enhancing surgeries and surgical procedures like Cholecystectomy, appendicectomy and hernia repair are done.


    The benefits of laparoscopy over open surgery include:
    • your stay in hospital is shorter
    • your scars will be smaller
    • you have less pain.
    • your recovery is quicker
    • the abdomen is not exposed to atmospheric air
    so the chances of adhesions are minimal

    • Choose your way to get healed.

      Focused on laparoscopic procedures the hospital provides speciality care with a focus on Maternity
      and Painless Labour. The hospital is equipped to handle a variety of diagnosis,treatment and surgeries
      as and when a patient requires it.
    • Believe Us
      We Care You.

      This hospital catering to the health care needs of people across the city and those referred from
      across the country. The hospital is built to provide the safest medical services to patients with
      acute and chronic health issues.


    Dr. A. Vanitha

    is a reputed Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who has been practising in Chennai for the last eight years. She graduated from Chengalpet Medical College in 2001 and then obtained the Diplomate of National Board (DNB) title in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Dr. Vanitha is a Member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences (MNAMS) and has done a Fellowship in Laparoscopy at Akola Endoscopy Centre as well as a Fellowship in Advanced Gynaec Laparoscopy at the prestigious CICE, France…