Early detection is always better in cancer and gives the patient a better chance of beating cancer. At Sunrays we are equipped to screen for a variety of cancer and start the appropriate treatment immediately. We screen for breast cancers and cervical cancer.

The Sunrays Cancer Screening Clinic is a one-stop centre that provides for the needs of women with cervical, uterus and ovarian cancer, and other gynaecological conditions. The centre cares for the patient in a holistic manner, from screening to diagnosis, treatment, and helping patients cope with the illness emotionally. A complete range of specialists from various disciplines form a team to care for patients’ needs, in a warm and comfortable environment. The centre also harnesses the latest in technology and medical innovations in the range of prevention and treatment services offered.

Screening and Prevention

Pap Smear

Cervix cancer is the fifth most common cancer in Singapore and can be prevented by screening with the Pap Smear. Early changes in the cervix can be seen long before a cancer develops and treating the cancer in this pre-cancerous stage can prevent cervix cancer from occurring.


When a pap smear suggests that there are some pre-cancer cells, your specialist may suggest a colposcopy examination. This involves an instrument with a magnifying glass through which a better view of the cervix can be obtained.

Cone Biopsy

A cone biopsy is a minor surgical procedure. It involves the removal of a cylindrical or cone-shaped piece of the cervix in which the abnormal cells are located. Pathological examination will then confirm the diagnosis and ensure that all the abnormal cells have been removed.

Laser Treatment

Laser surgery is a safe and effective method available for various gynaecological conditions of the vulva, vagina and cervix. The laser produces a beam of intense light not visible to the eye. This beam is directed by the surgeon on the affected area as he views the area through an operating microscope. The laser beam instantly evaporates diseased cells while causing little or no damage to the surrounding healthy tissues.

Care and Support

Care for patients goes beyond medical grounds. Counselling sessions  help cancer patients of all ages cope emotionally with their disease and treatment, and to adjust to life after cancer. Psychotherapy sessions help patients through the emotional trauma of a diagnosis of cancer and treatment, and psychiatri