A well stocked pharmacy manned by trained pharmacist works round the clock to meet the needs for medicines and surgical emergencies

Credit Card Facility

The hospital accepts all Visa & Master Cards along with debit cards from all the Indian banks and foreign banks. The normal service tax will be added to the bill.

HD Laparoscopic Recording

Laparoscopic and endoscopic video processors with digital video (DV) outputs such as FireWire or IEEE 1394 interface are used. The resolution of all this modern laparoscopic equipment we use is equivalent to, high definition video.



We offer various types of ultrasound imaging,including endoscopic, echocardiogram, obstetric and vascular using conventional, 3-D color and 4-D ultrasound technology. There is also an Ultrasound outpatient facility.

24 x 7 Lab


The hospital has a modern clinical laboratory with latest testing and analyses machines to deliver timely and accurate results. The trained lab technicians and microbiologists work under medical heads to provide the finest support for diagnosis and treatment.

Cashless Facility

Cashless mediclaim service offers an insured person the benefit of availing medical treatment at the best hospitals, without having to pay from his/her own pocket. Hospitalization bills, up to the sum insured are directly settled by the insurance company. In this process, prior approval of the TPA (Third-Party Administrator) is required.

Ante Natal Yoga Classes

Yoga has taken the world in its grip but at Sunrays it has been a way of life since inception. The ante natal yoga classes ensure that pregnant mothers are fit and fine for a stress free pregnancy and delivery. Under a top notch instructor the pregnant ladies undergo a well supervised programme that lifts up their spirit and body strength.

Yoga Session For Obesity

Yet another challenge for good health is the widespread obesity among the population. As a part of the disease prevention and healthy living programme the hospital provides a well focused programme that addresses the obesity problems. This helps keep the body weight in check and reduce it for healthy living.

Post-Natal Exercise


As important as any pre natal exercise and yoga programme is the post-natal exercise programmes that help the mothers regain their body shape and keep themselves healthy. After pregnancy the body tends to acquire unwanted weight and body fat which has to be burnt and the mothers kept healthy for their own sake and the sake of their children.

Vaccination For Children

The hospital offers a properly managed and high-end vaccination facility for children. Vaccines like 5-in-one vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and polio, rotavirus vaccine, MMR vaccine, Flu vaccine, HPV (for girls), chickenpox, BCG vaccination, Hepatitis vaccination etc. are provided with a well drawn timeline.